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Водоохлаждаемые элементы
Разработаны водоохлаждаемые элементы с защитным покрытием, препятствующим окислению панелей в рабочем простанстве печи, трещинообразованию и обеспечивающим снижение теплопотерь.
Разработаны основы технологии и оборудование для углетермического восстановления техногенных железосодержащих отходов с целью использования в качестве металлошихты в дуговой электросталеплавильной печи.
Сводовый патрубок
Разработан сводовый патрубок с системой предварительного обеспылевания печных газов, обеспечивающий снижение угара металлошихты за счет частичного возвращения крупных фракций пыли в печь.
EAF heat intensification facilities
Lance for oxygen blowing of liquid bath



Gas-oxygen burners

Design and manufacturing


Installation in the EAF

The modern technology assumes using in EAF steelmaking besides the basic energy source - electric arcs of the alternative energy received at use of an heat intensification facilities (HIF): heat of exothermic reactions in a bath, delivering at oxygen blowing and energy of burning of fuel by means of gas-oxygen burners (GOB). In the general balance of the EAF input energy alternative sources provide till 30-35% its needs, of them exothermal heat is 28-30%, and GOB heat is 5-7%. Thus specific charges of oxygen and fuel of GOB (usually natural gas) are 35-50 and 5-8 Nm3/ton of steel correspondingly. Energy input mode of the heat, produced by intensive technology, provides using of GOB in an initial stage of fusion together in the energy of arc heating entered at the maximal step of capacity of the transformer. At achievement of average charge temperature 900-1100 С (during this period about half amount of charge melts) GOB disconnect and begin a purge of the appeared liquid bath oxygen with injection a coal powder which is conducted up to the end of the heat.

At calculation of power characteristics of HIF is accepted, that thermal capacity of GOB at use of natural gas constitutes 1MW/hour per 100 Nm3/hour of natural gas flow rate and 200 Nm3/hour of oxygen flow rate. Burning of injected in a bath 1кg of a coal powder at a purge through lance oxygen is equivalent 2,8 - 3 kWh without taking into account post combustion of carbon monoxide and 9-10 kWh in view of post combustion. The degree of utilization of HIF energy, as well as arc heating is 0,6-0,75, and for post combustion of carbon monoxide this parameter, as a rule, below. For a purge oxygen conventionally used the supersonic jets, which have more effective penetration into liquid bath and give developed surface of contact of an oxidizer and the burnt impurity. About half of energy of exothermic reactions gives injected in a bath coal powder which specific charge is 8-20 kg/ton of steel.
Our Company delivers GOB of external - mixture type, which are the most explosion-proof in operation, thermal capacity up to 5MW and supersonic oxygen lances with mechanisms of moving, control and gas regulation equipment according to technical requirements of the Customer.
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